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Cameron Kalopsis headshot in stripes

My name is Cameron Kalopsis.  I was born and raised in Canada, currently living in Los Angeles and I also spend the spring school term in Beijing every year.

I’m really into music, books and movies.  I enjoy swimming, playing golf and traveling with my family

I love music especially songwriting, singing and playing the guitar and piano.

I’ve traveled all over the world to China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, Japan, Dubai, UK, France, Spain, Italy, Greece—and of course the USA and Canada.

I speak Mandarin Chinese and Arabic.

I’ve been learning to fly a plane for the last three years. I can take off, fly and land a single engine plane.

In addition to my passion for music, I signed with Anita Norris Models and have been working on my Pinterest page with them.

My parents have always encouraged my interests no matter how crazy they sounded! My brother Connor also has a website, so check it out too.

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